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Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018
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Rare Products > Sobhagaya Nav Grah Dhoop
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 Sobhagaya Nav Grah Dhoop- Effective & modern way of performing havan.

The planetory incense sticks. Not just a dhoop stick much more than that……………………
Needless to say, while beginning a day, even a staunch non-vegetarian person would not like to inhale an offensive odor of fish and would prefer a good fragrance. As such we have come out with `Grah Dhoop’ a bunch of incense sticks, manufactured out of different herbs to a particular stick to a particular day.
Our incense sticks are made of a blend of sandalwood incense, flowers, Samidha (specificwood related to that particular planet) and a perfume suited to particular day. For example the incense sticks for Sunday contain: sandalwood incense,(Bhandra Mustakhya), Red Lotus, Wood- Cotton wood and Perfume- Sandal. The burning of these incense sticks ensure perfect health and prosperity.

We offer seven sticks of different ingredients for the seven days of a week and they are certainly different from other commercial brands available in market. Most important aspect here is that the incense sticks are not made of bamboo sticks because vedic philosophy seems to be averse to the idea of burning a bamboo. Even during funeral the bamboos are not burnt.
The Grah Dhoop sticks are made available in an attractive folder carrying information about planetary influence on different days. The collapsible folder when unfolded presents the information on seven pages. When folded and tied with a colourful thread, with a betel nut placed on the top, the pack resembles to a flower. This pack of seven sticks weighing in grams is specially available for festivals.

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